Bug Burger (30 grams)

Bug Burger (30 grams)

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The alternative protein supplement

*Strictly not for human consumption

1 Bottle can make 2 x Halfbowls(ricebowls)
(Half bottle to half a bowl of boiling water)
To make smaller portions, the ratio is 1:3 (1 part powder, 3 parts boiling water)
Pour desired amount in a bowl/cup
Add boiling water
Mix well until the solution is even and well distributed. Make sure that there are no clumps for around a minute
Allow it to transform into jelly, this will take around an hour
Store the jelly in the refrigerator. It can last for a month
This is an alternative protein supplement for your ants and other feeder insects too
Unmixed portions should always be kept sealed, and it has a shelf-life of up to 1 year

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